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Strategy and Planning

  • Performing SPARK analysis (Strength's, Pressure's, Awareness, Risk & Kaizen)
  • Evaluating your strategic options
  • Choosing a relevant competitive strategy
  • Understanding and developing your vision and mission as a business
  • Developing your value proposition
  • Objective discovery workshops
  • Creating and cascading SMART objectives throughout your business at each level
  • Horizon scanning, providing you with options for growth​
  • Stakeholder mapping - understanding who to provide information to and at what level of detail​
  • Discovering and developing your real critical success factors, key performance indicators (KPIs) and key activity measures (KAMs)
  • Business growth chart - plotting your growth and predicting what to expect next

Business Improvements & Restructuring

  • Human capital development
  • How to introduce a paradigm change
  • Culture shift & change management
  • Using knowledge management to keep information in your business
  • HR challenges & ACAS
  • Developing a results driven culture
  • Introducing personal development programs
  • Effective appraisal schemes - what they can do for your business
  • Making redundancies and cost cutting
  • Employee remuneration planning - creating a fair structure

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Creating a usable sales pipeline analysis
  • Enterprise resource modelling (ERM)
  • Department & consolidated Profit and Loss accounts
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flows and Funds flows
  • Capital Expenditure - funding and its affect
  • Accounting for seasonality
  • Cash Management & planning
  • Assessing sensitivity analysis

Financial Modelling & Delivery

Calculating the following for complex potential investments and Purchases

  • Assessing you return on investment, by using net present values, payback periods or accounting rate of return
  • Assessing the likelihood of receiving that return using sensitivity analysis & probability analysis
  • Project management & delivery, using relevant methodologies

Performance Measurement and Reporting

  • Profit and Loss Account improvement - your P&L should tell you the answer
  • Balance Sheet management - assessing your value
  • Cash flow and Fund flow reports - ensure cash is available to run your business or to invest in new areas
  • Implementing A Balance Scorecards - 4 way approach to business
  • Setting up Dashboards (Cloud Based or Excel Based)
  • Executive management reports - what you should focus on
  • Management accounting packs - getting the right information
  • Reporting against banking covenants
  • Variance analysis, against Budget, Forecast, pervious period or previous year
  • Ratio analysis
  • Multi-dimensional & Non-financial Measurement

Corporate Development

  • Getting the right organisational structures
  • Developing group structures
  • Systems and software implementation
  • Business valuations - what is your company worth
  • VAT groupings
  • Share structures & options - setting this up correctly first time
  • Growth, acquisitions or divestitures
  • Business plans created for relevant stakeholders or Investors
  • Raising Finance - assessing your options
  • Business support sessions - non-executive members and what they can do for your business
  • Having an interim Finance Director or Chief Financial Officer

Forensic Analysis

  • Business diagnostics health check
  • Cost control and cost reduction
  • Customer profitability analysis (CPA)
  • Direct product profitability (DPP)​
  • Project profitability analysis (PPA)
  • ​Process and procedure review
  • Mapping out your processes, reviewing and recommending efficiency improvements
  • Minimise wastage (time & cost)
  • Implementing Six Sigma and Lean concepts

Governance and Risk

  • Risk management techniques & risk registers creation or improvements
  • Developing Risk Matrix & Heat Maps
  • Improving or creating policies, procedures and frameworks
  • Business contingency plans - better to be safe than sorry
  • Perspective reviews - assessing risk appetite
  • Governance & compliance challenges