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  • With over 25 years of experience and more than 15 at board level, Simon Faraway ACMA CGMA has provided several businesses with his experience over the years, helping them achieve success in many different areas.
  • Simon is fluent with various management and leadership theories, but he has also created some of his own, which can work better for today’s dynamic environment.
  • Not only is he fully qualified he also runs his own Accounting Practice where he provides innovative Accounting & Tax solutions helping many small to medium size businesses (SME’s) to grow and achieve their goals.
  • Simon can either do the task required as a project or formulate a workshop to help you and your team improve your current processes.
  • There are so many areas Simon can help you with, it would be impossible to describe everything, so we have summarised these into sections below to help.
  • If you would like more information about any of these subjects, give us a call or book a meeting and we can talk through your challenge.
  • As well as all the services below Simon can also provide a VCFO (Virtual Chief Financial Officer) service. Click for more information.


• Performing SPARK analysis (Strength's, Pressure's, Awareness, Risk & Kaizen)
• Evaluating your strategic options
• Choosing a relevant competitive strategy
• Understanding and developing your vision and mission as a business
• Developing your value proposition
•Objective discovery workshops
• Creating and cascading SMART objectives throughout your business at each level
• Horizon scanning, providing you with options for growth
• Stakeholder mapping - understanding who to provide information to and at what level of detail
• Discovering and developing your real critical success factors, key performance indicators (KPIs) and key activity measures (KAMs)
• Business growth chart - plotting your growth and predicting what to expect next


• Human capital development
• How to introduce a paradigm change
• Culture shift & change management
• Using knowledge management to keep information in your business
• HR challenges & ACAS
• Developing a results driven culture
• Introducing Personal development programs
• Effective appraisal schemes - what they can do for your business
• Making redundancies and cost cutting
• Employee remuneration planning - creating a fair structure


•Getting the right organisational structures
• Developing group structures
• Systems and software implementation
• Business valuations - what is your company worth
• VAT groupings
• Share structures & options - setting this up correctly first time
• Growth, acquisitions or divestitures
• Business plans created for relevant stakeholders or Investors
• Raising Finance - assessing your options
• Business support sessions - non-executive members and what they can do for your business
• Having an interim Finance Director or Chief Financial Officer


• Risk management techniques & risk registers creation or improvements
• Developing Risk Matrix & Heat Maps
• Improving or creating policies, procedures and frameworks
• Business contingency plans - better to be safe than sorry
• Perspective reviews - assessing risk appetite
• Governance & compliance challenges

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• Profit and Loss Account improvement - your P&L should tell you the answer
• Balance Sheet management - assessing your value
• Cash flow and Fund flow reports - ensure cash is available to run your business or to invest in new areas
• Implementing A Balance Scorecards - 4 way approach to business
• Setting up Dashboards (Cloud Based or Excel Based)
• Executive management reports - what you should focus on
• Management accounting packs - getting the right information
• Reporting against banking covenants
• Variance analysis, against Budget, Forecast, pervious period or previous year
• Ratio analysis
• Multi-dimensional & Non-financial Measurement


• Creating a usable sales pipeline analysis
• Enterprise resource modelling(ERM)
• Department & consolidated Profit and Loss accounts
• Balance sheets
• Cash flows and Funds flows
• Capital Expenditure - funding and its affect
• Accounting for seasonality
• Cash Management & planning
• Assessing sensitivity analysis


Calculating the following for complex potential investments and Purchases.

• Assessing you return on investment, by using net present values, payback periods or accounting rate of return
• Assessing the likelihood of receiving that return using sensitivity analysis & probability analysis
• Project management & delivery, using relevant methodologies


• Business diagnostics health check
• Cost control and cost reduction
• Customer profitability analysis (CPA)
• Direct product profitability (DPP)
• Project profitability analysis (PPA)
• Process and procedure review
• Mapping out your processes, reviewing and recommending efficiency improvements
• Minimise wastage (time & cost)
• Implementing Six Sigma and Lean concepts

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